Europe Ltd.
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EUROPE Ltd. specializes in assisting private and public decision-makers in the formulation of rational economic decisions and in monitoring their implementation. Based in Budapest, the company has been the Independent Evaluator in Hungary of all open EU Phare and Transition Facility assistance programmes; one of the highest prestige framework assignments, a company can hold.

We provide a wide range of services all over the world. You can count on our experience in the following fields:

  • Venture and development capital raising – investment advisory services to venture capital and private equity placement in Europe for investors, and for companies seeking capital or strategic investors
  • Corporate finance – transaction-oriented privatization consulting on investment opportunities, mergers, acquisitions; asset valuation services
  • Technology development consulting – bank operation, operational procedures, IT strategy, outsourcing, anti-money laundering, ICT security, risk analysis and management
  • Health care – identification of investment targets for the private sector, preparation of feasibility studies; management consulting services for health care providers, health insurance companies and mutual funds
  • Strategic consulting – policy-oriented advisory on legislative and reform measures for government offices in the area of privatization, public-private partnership (PPP), pension and health-care reforms
  • EU related advisory services – evaluation of projects, complex programmes, planned measures for all stakeholders, policy advisory
  • Education and training – lectures, conferences and workshops in the above-mentioned fields in English, French and Hungarian
  • Project management

ISO 9001:2000 certification: Management Consulting, Project Management, Education, Information Technology Consulting