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Country Namibia
Name of client EU External Aid
Origin of funding
Dates (Start-End) 2007


Detailed description of project Type of services provided

This EU Project supported the Ministry of Education in implementing its key sector plan, the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme. It assisted on multiple levels:

Institutional arrangements
Coordination of support services for learners/children with disabilities/special needs; Collaboration - Inter directorates/divisions/education offices/agencies/ministries;

Financial arrangements
Resources and budgeting for special needs education [Ministerial offices];  Development of resources in schools as means of catering to needs of learners with disabilities and special needs in addition to creating awareness;

Monitoring Information System
Mechanism of monitoring and evaluating ministerial progress of education delivery to learners with disabilities/special needs; Recommendations on data collection processes, monitoring and evaluation systems

Teachers training
Recommendations on Pre-Service teaching; Consideration for obligatory periodical upgrading courses for teachers in-service on special needs education including inclusive education [staff development/capacity building]; Standards/Staffing norms; Minimum and obligatory standards for meeting the needs of learners with disabilities in the education settings [special schools and in inclusive settings];  Staffing norms and needed support services;

Necessary mechanisms for smooth transition of educational opportunities during these phases

  • Pre-Primary Education to Primary Education
  • Primary Education to Secondary Education
  • Secondary Education to Post-Secondary Education (tertiary/vocational training)

Set of procedures and guidelines on performance-based evaluation, setting tests and examinations;  Guidelines in referral, assessment for placement and education program actualization procedures; Research in special education at school, regional and head office levels; Issues on sexuality, HIV/AIDS and Disabilities.

Communication policy/Awareness campaign

Elaboration of a legal regulation document on education policy. Consulting services in educational policy implementation (capacity building, establishment of a monitoring information system, budgeting, capacity building etc.)

The team-leader expert completed the formulation of national policy on special needs/inclusive education working with the Ministry of Education. She delivered the Draft Policy document.

Part of the resources of the project was spent on capacity building, and tutoring. The expert formulated recommendations and guidelines on an implementation plan covering the various areas of analysis, as requested by the Terms of Reference of the Project.